What should we take care of this summer?

Summer is a season when the risk of spreading diseases is high. In this season, one needs to be careful. Eating outside in the summer season should be avoided as much as possible because eating stale food is often found in the market, which causes the risk of diarrhea. Clean and fresh food prepared at home is suitable in summer. It is best to buy fruit in the summer when it is time to eat out.

In summer we all drink more water. While drinking water outside the house, it should be ensured that the water is clean, otherwise, there is a fear of spreading disease through the water. While eating vine syrup or Golgappa outside the house, its water does not know what water has been used, therefore it should be taken from the familiar shop. In summer, it should be avoided to go outside unnecessarily on high noon as there is a risk of sunstroke.

What should we take care of in the summer?

Summer can be kept healthy by taking care of these small things. In summer, just eating and drinking needs attention. Feeding is less and drinking is more. Keep drinking water as much as possible and drink clean water. Take only the fruits that you get in summer. Eat nutritious foods rich in fiber. Avoid fast food and market cold drinks. And yes, do regular yoga, pranayama, and meditation or you can also go to the gym. Drink plenty of water, eat salad, drink Sattu (Gram Flour) and mango pan. Eat onions. Eat Light.

If you are cautious about these diseases during the summer days, and together you will consider to avoid it, then you will get the answer to your question.

1.Heat Stroke:

This is the most dangerous disease caused by the hot sunny summer, in which people become Seeker during the summer season. Due to this disease, dizziness, vomiting, low blood pressure may be accompanied by fever. In such a situation, keep yourself hydrated. One should avoid taking hot-tempered substances like alcohol and coffee. Wear light and cotton clothes. Do not venture into the sun wearing black colored clothes.

2.Food Poisoning:

It is also seen a lot during the summer. Which can be caused by dirty food or water. If you start vomiting or have a stomach ache after eating something, then it can be food poisoning. Due to this, problems like fever, vomiting, dizziness, body pain and weakness can occur. For this, you should take full care of hygiene before eating or drinking anywhere. The food should not be too hot. In this season you should not eat raw eggs, cold chopped fruits that have come out of the refrigerator immediately. This helps in increasing dangerous bacteria. Due to which the risk of food poisoning increases.


This is the biggest problem of the summer season. Often people face a lot of trouble with this problem. Usually when you are traveling somewhere or you are spending some time with your family. Despite this reason, you do not seem to be with everyone. For this, it is very important that if you keep vigil in some food and drink, then you can avoid it easily. Such as banana, melon, cold milk, buttermilk, lemon water, and coconut water.